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"Dr Metronome" New feature and revise for 3GS
09/09/07 23:48
We are planning to release new version of "Dr....more

"Perfect Pitch Practice Piano" rejected but revised
09/08/31 20:09
"Perfect Pitch Practice Piano" rejected ....more

"Sound Pedometer GPS" GPS conditions
09/08/20 19:17
The main function of this application is pedometer....more

"Perfect Pitch Practice Piano" improve piano sound
09/08/09 16:03
I will update "Perfect Pitch Practice Piano&q....more

"Dr Metronome" Double Speed Mode
09/08/09 15:54
Tap twelve times on 'tap tempo' quickly -> enab....more

Try Blog in English
09/08/09 15:41
I have received many emails from outside Japan. T....more

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