10/08/06 10:23

Twicecast Live!

This application live broadcasts your voice as ogg vorbis stream without relay server, also listen to the ogg vorbis stream.
You can notice the stream URL using twitter and email.

Tweet live aloud!

[tweet] post stream URL and message to twitter.This post can be accessed by Twicecast Radio(free) too.

format : twicecast://'IPaddress'/live.ogg 'your message'

[mail] send stream URL and message by email.

[profile] save your profile (description, website and location) to send them with ogg stream to client user.

[play] play ogg stream and display stream information.
         when this application is started by URL schema (twicecast://......), launch from this screen at the first.

Also you can listen to live stream using PC.
Windows : WinAmp(http://www.winamp.com)
Mac : Simple Vorbis Player (our testing tool. free download from menu page. launch by URL schema twicecast://....)

note) The number of listener depend on network condition. We tested using 3G network in Japan only.