10/06/30 21:33
Additional information about Live Music Coder M^2

First of all, very simple sample is here.


[enter] : enter button

This is random note music.

#r1=1 3 4 6 8 10 12[enter]

Repeat diatonic scale : C D E F G A B C D E F …

You can change parameter while playing sequencer.
When enter the [enter] button, execute its command.

I like command line style operation. I intend that user plays computer keyboard just like musical keyboard.
We don't aim an application such as Csound. We aim the musical tool of quick musical composition and playing music with realtime transition.

However you may think why this application is for iPhone, it is better for PC.
I wanted to appeal a greed variety of melody is generated by simple rule and operation like calculator. Actually this application is calculator basis internally. It has only basic operators, and doesn't have any byte code. It is very important for iPhone platform.
Also I wanted to try to express algorithm as short code as possible.
It is easy to make the complex rule, but it is hard to implement on iPhone.

I thought if we realize both the simple rule and short code, it is suitable for iPhone.

Currently this tool has only sine tone, next step I want to control volume and release time, and have sound variation.