10/04/01 20:24

Thu, Apr 01

Sun, Mar 07

  • 23:53  Voice Press has not approved yet. We are inquiring of Apple about the reason.

Thu, Feb 25

  • 21:29  "Voice Press" rejected again ^^; (four times) The reason is interface issue. We correct it and submit again. I believe it's approved next.

Tue, Feb 23

  • 23:43  #iPhone "Voice Press" is rejected three times. There was no UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key. We add it and resubmit toyday.

Tue, Feb 16

Fri, Feb 12

  • 00:29  #iPhone Voice recording app was rejeted. I corrected it and submited again.

Mon, Feb 08

  • 23:27  #iphone We applied to Apple for the new iPhone application. It is voice recording app with OggVorbis codec. Comming soon!!

Sun, Jan 24

Sat, Jan 09

Mon, Jan 04

  • 20:03  This year sometimes I try to tweet in German too.
  • 20:02  ein glückliches neues Jahr!

Sat, Dec 19

  • 00:15  #iphone app 'Twicecast Radio v1.1', 'Sound Pedometer GPS Lite v1.1' released today. They are approved by Apple very quickly!

Wed, Dec 16

  • 00:19  #iPhone App : Twicecast Radio, upgraded! Display Icy-URL, Icy-Description in mp3 stream and you can access to Icy-URL in App. applying now.
  • 00:16  #iPhone App : Sound Pedometer Lite, apply for minor update to App Store.

Thu, Dec 10

Thu, Nov 12

  • 21:28  #iPhone application: Twicecast Radio (free) we are planning new version with display Icy-description, Icy-Url (you can access in app).

Wed, Nov 11

Sun, Nov 08

Sat, Nov 07

Fri, Nov 06

  • 00:41  Sound Pedometer GPS ver 2.0 on iPhone now available.

Sun, Nov 01

Thu, Oct 22

  • 23:21  We uploaded Sound Pedometer GPS ver 2.0 to App Store today. it has new features of battery save setting and step length base distance.

Mon, Oct 12

Sat, Oct 10

  • 01:36  I am planning to add new function to our #iPhone application 'Dr Metronmoe Lite', becuase it was too simple.

Tue, Oct 06

Sat, Oct 03

Fri, Oct 02

Wed, Sep 30

  • 22:16  Our #iPhone application Piano R gets into the App Store featured list in Japan! http://bit.ly/hcoJ6
  • 18:55  I tried Sekai Camera. There are already many tags around Nagoya station.

Sat, Sep 26

Thu, Sep 24

  • 21:51  Today too, I can't any change on iTunes Connect. If in trouble why no message on iPhone dev Center site?
  • 21:33  My basic policy about GPS of 'Sound Pedometer GPS' http://bit.ly/6aFtG http://pic.gd/98814d
  • 12:35  To Do : Post my policy about GPS used by our application to my blog

Wed, Sep 23

Sun, Sep 20

Sat, Sep 19

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